Issue of judgments

As you know, the form you incarnate at present is the most complex form among the many that you have incarnated in your various incarnations, in your evolutionary path; and when you look at something about your being now, you should try to look at it taking into account the many possibilities, the many directions in which it can be observed. You have spoken tonight of “judge not”; the “judge not” is one of the most difficult teachings within the ethical teaching that has been brought to you and it is difficult because none of you, then, in the end, has a very precise, fixed, sure idea of

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Looking yourself in the face

It is very easy to get into the state of mind to discharge responsibility for your circumstances onto what happens or other people, thus avoiding finding even the tiniest piece of information concerning your rationale.
You are experts in this regard, as we were back in our days!
Yet here we are, we’ve come to make you conscious and aware that this attitude towards life and your experiences is wrong.
Essentially, you live to carry forward your understanding, your evolution, and make sure that your “perception” develops through your awareness so that you understand more and more until you eventually get out of the loop of reincarnation.

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The countless ways of understanding

Every so often you believe that understanding hits your inner self like a relentless landslide, in the form of sudden enlightenment, and you fail to realize that understanding actually starts from within, through your personal journey, step by step, building your awareness in such a way that your mind in human form is often unaware of it.
Understanding is a process that goes hand in hand with evolution and all it entails.

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An introduction to the Cerchio Ifior

The Cerchio Ifior  was born on July 7, 1977 in Genoa, and in forty years of Guides’ interventions, he presented a great amount of teachings published in over sixty volumes.
Teaching has always followed two precise paths: the ethical / moral one – centered on the problems of the incarnate individual and his actions and reactions within everyday life – and the philosophical one – devoted to the analysis of the evolutionary path of the individual Within the Cosmos where he is experiencing, the processes involved and the tools he has at his disposal to interact with Reality.

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The nature of the Absolute that does not become, but that is

At the beginning is the One.
The One is perfect and complete in every attribute. In Him everything is.
But pay attention to what I am saying, even though I already know what for you is difficult to imagine: in Him everything is.
Not “was”, “will”, “it was”, “has been”; Simply: is.
This means that there is no movement in the One, there is no flow, there is nothing that changes.

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