The countless ways of understanding

Every so often you believe that understanding hits your inner self like a relentless landslide, in the form of sudden enlightenment, and you fail to realize that understanding actually starts from within, through your personal journey, step by step, building your awareness in such a way that your mind in human form is often unaware of it.
Understanding is a process that goes hand in hand with evolution and all it entails.
Understanding is what keeps your evolution alive, what justifies it, what accounts for your existence and your life and – why not? – even your pain and sorrow.
So keep in mind that understanding is hardly ever the landslide that you picture, that understanding will hardly ever unexpectedly change you from a being full of doubts and worries into a radiant angel.
However, if you can see with the eyes of your new self that is continuously taking shape and keeps pace with your understanding, looking back you should be able to realize that your old self even from just some days ago is no longer the same person, and this can be used as a benchmark to determine what you have acquired understanding of – be it small or big – what you have added to your awareness, making it more thorough, deeper, richer in flavors and as a consequence, more prone to understand others, connect with others and belong to the multitude of minds on the journey through the physical plane.
Your understanding can obviously be achieved by means of a number of tools, it can be achieved through reasoning, it can be achieved through a feeling, it can be achieved through suffering and it can also be achieved through joy.
These elements are tools that the Big Picture has put at your disposal to allow you to grow and at any given time none of these elements works on its own.
On the contrary, they all merge, build on one another and enhance one another; this work operating from within leads to your understanding growing.
So be faithful, be positive about the future, try a different approach from the one you usually take to deal with the difficulties that you will come across in your life, bearing in mind that whatever happens the experience you will go through, even if it could be unexpected, tragic and painful, will lead you to the immensely valuable gem that is a new layer of understanding that contributes to your awareness.
We hope that knowing all of this will make your journey in life simpler and easier.
Peace be with you. Cerchio Ifior, Anonymous.


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