Looking yourself in the face

It is very easy to get into the state of mind to discharge responsibility for your circumstances onto what happens or other people, thus avoiding finding even the tiniest piece of information concerning your rationale.
You are experts in this regard, as we were back in our days!
Yet here we are, we’ve come to make you conscious and aware that this attitude towards life and your experiences is wrong.
Essentially, you live to carry forward your understanding, your evolution, and make sure that your “perception” develops through your awareness so that you understand more and more until you eventually get out of the loop of reincarnation.
However, as we always remind you, to do so you need to get used to observing everything that has to do with yourselves.
We are aware that the concept of “knowing yourself” is under your belt by now: from a mental standpoint, you all know it very well, you know we keep repeating it over and over again.
Not only that, as soon as the chance arises, you remind others of it to show that – good on you – you understand what we say.
However, as you said earlier tonight, “knowledge” is but the first step in the right direction, and all in all, it is often an effective means to gain a foothold and further your understanding, is it not?
Yet it is knowledge itself that triggers the first phase of suffering as when you “get to know” a problem you have you cannot ignore it.
What you do most of the time is turn a blind eye to the problem, avoid it, pretend to be oblivious to it, but, alas, the killjoy that is your akhasic records do not allow you to do so, not truly, and so within you they keep tolling the bells from the archetypes that channel your energies in the direction of experience, which can still present you with evidence of your predicament, until you have no choice but to face what you did not want to face.
Thus knowledge is never devoid of suffering.
When you have a problem, you “acknowledge” and become aware of the existence of said problem, which can be caused by… – I do not know – maybe it is due to a relationship with someone else.
So when it comes to this relationship with someone else, you realize there is something wrong, it dawns on you there is a problem.
The first reaction – that of your inner self, as you know very well – is to say:”It’s other people’s fault, because…” and to that we say that you may be right, but you do not know the rationale behind other people, and perhaps in due time, as you get to know other people, you can delude yourself into thinking you understand their rationale, but you will never be sure that you actually do.
What you can understand for sure, as it belongs to you, is your rationale.
Stop looking at what other people do and look at what you do instead, as when you understand your rationale you switch from “knowledge” of a problem to “awareness” of a problem, which results in understanding the problem.
At this stage your relationship with other people will change, and if it does not, you will not suffer the consequences of the problem anymore and there will be less pain on your part.
This means that the transition from knowledge to understanding entails suffering by necessity, because of the reactions intrinsic to our evolution.
Yet suffering – that is one consolation – will be greater when you first become aware of a problem, which requires the biggest effort, and then become less and less severe until understanding occurs.
When this happens, that kind of problem will no longer be a problem for you, there will be no more suffering and you will have your relationship
with other people independently of their relationship with you. (Scifo)


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