The nature of the Absolute that does not become, but that is

At the beginning is the One.
The One is perfect and complete in every attribute. In Him everything is.
But pay attention to what I am saying, even though I already know what for you is difficult to imagine: in Him everything is.
Not “was”, “will”, “it was”, “has been”; Simply: is.
This means that there is no movement in the One, there is no flow, there is nothing that changes.
This means that in the One there is nothing in becoming, and all reality exists.
This means that in the One there can be nothing in the making and that all reality exists simultaneously with all its features.
You asking to yourself what was there before the One implemented the creation.
If you had really understood what I just said you would not ask me this question: in the One there can be no “before”, there can be no “after”; because everything is, simultaneously.
This means that all creation exists in the One already created.
You are watching it, and by shifting your focus from one element of what is, you create, in your perception, a sense of time, the “before” and the “after”.
But, in truth, nothing exists that existed before or after something else. If it were possible it would mean the existence of something outside of the One and  that would make the One something different from the One itself, because he would not have everything in Himself, and so, could not be the One.
It is from your inner self, not from an attribute of being which bears the misleading sensation of the passing of things, the happening of beings, the flow of time, the blossoming of a flower, of walking in the direction of death, of evolution itself.
It is by your intrinsic ability to perceive the succession of reality that “are” like a succession of reality “becomes”, that you, incarnate person, can be considered the true puppet master of your existence.
You do not understand. I see. I feel.
You still do not understand why there is the variety of forms, the evolution of consciousness, the changing of your own planet.
I repeat the concept in the hope that you manage to make it your own: in the One everything is.
And when I say “all” i really mean “all”, without which nothing can remain excluding .
This means that you are there, inside, in all forms that you were but, also, in all variations to all your form in time and space.
You just born. You child. You teenager . You adult. You old. You disembodied.
You who have yet to understand. You who have already understood. You who do not recognize the One. And you who feel now united with Him. You who are Him.
So, in truth, you have to get to the point where you say you’ve never separated from the One just as you never refound him, because you always existed in Him in even infinitesimal fragment of your being.
Your relationship with the One is the same that there is between the candle and the light: even when the candle is out, the light still belongs to it, although not manifested; in the same way the candle is a vehicle of light, shining or lying inert.


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